Sculpture Inteviews & Howl-O-Ween Updates

23 Sep

Stone Sculpture Interviews and Updates

We interviewed Chris Rothermel, Bob Godfrey, Anna Knight, and Wesley Maddox about their experiences with the LINC sculpture project as well as touring the CRLG studio. Here are some excerpts from these interviews. Make sure to look out for the full interviews, which will be published at a later date.

Chris Rothermel shared how his sculpture studio came to be: “we developed this company to address larger scale public art pieces. We did a piece in Atlanta, midtown Atlanta last year that kind of kicked off the sculpture practice.”

Chris Rothermel expressed his joy in working with these materials: “I’ve been working with stone and glass in particular for about 20 years now, and I’ve always enjoyed the contrast between the luminescence of white marble in contrast to the illuminated glass part.”

We spoke with Wesley Maddox, sculptor major at La Grange College about the LINC sculpture project.

Wesley discussed the learning experiences that came from working on this project: “it was my first time using a lot of power tools and a lot of like chisels and learning how to use different muscles and different parts and tools for sculpture.

Wesley discussed how valuable it was to work on this project: “being an art student and getting out there and getting work is just such a difficult thing these days. And to have a hand in something like this is just a wonderful opportunity.”

Interview With Anna Knight of CRLG

We spoke with Anna Knight: Executive Administrator for CRLG sculpture practice.

Anna shared her role in the LINC sculpture project: “My role at the LG and sculpture practice is to be the executive administrator.”

Anna expressed her interest in seeing more art along the LINC: “I just think once the sculptures are installed on the LINC, I hope that other artists will also be contracted to do more work and hopefully the sculpture practice will be able to add some more art in the future.”

Interview with Bob Godfrey of CRLG

We also spoke with Bob Godfrey: Chris Rothermel’s assistant.

Bob shared what he loves about working with CRLG sculpture practice: “I love the challenge of what I’m able to able to do with CRLG sculpture practice. It’s always a learning experience. There’s so many challenges and it’s a personal accomplishment to continually learn and and conquer task.”

Bob Godfrey can’t wait for LINC users to enjoy the sculptures when the project is finished: “It’s going to be very gratifying to see the end result and see how much users of the LINC enjoy our work.”

LINC Announcements

Sculptor Chris Rothermel Press Release

We are pleased to share this press release for our sculpture LINC project with the masterful sculptor Chris Rothermel.

Please follow the link to read the full press release and learn even more about Newnan’s journey to showcasing art and making the city a destination for lovers of art as well as nature.

Upcoming Events

Don’t forget about Howl-O-Ween!

The spooky season is upon us and we cannot wait to celebrate Halloween in a fun and unique way! Our Howl-O-Ween pet parade and costume contest is going to be amazing! We can’t wait to see everyone show up with their pets in Halloween costumes.

Halloween is a wonderful time and our furry friends deserve a chance to celebrate with us! Our Howl-O-Ween event is coming October 22nd and we want to make sure the event is as memorable as possible.

We are currently looking for vendors and sponsors for this exciting event! If you are interested in sponsoring our event or being a vendor during the festivities, please click the flyer to sign up as a vendor or sponsor today!


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