Ready Set LINC Updates

31 Mar

Ready Set LINC will once again be an unforgettable event for the whole family with tons of amazing vendors. Some of our vendors confirmed so far include Good Dog Happy Owner, Pathways Center, Burn Bootcamp, YMCA, Coweta FORCE, SWAY MTB, Friends of CBSP, Newnan Children’s Connect Museum, and Backstreet Arts. 


And some of our vendors are even organizing classes during Ready Set LINC/ Burn Bootcamp will run a pop-up bootcamp class. YMCA will have a pop-up Zumba class from 4 to 4:30pm , and Backstreet Arts will put on a pop-up art class! 


Make sure to keep Ready Set LINC on your mind, so you don’t miss these great vendors and fun activities! Save the date–April 21st from 4pm to 8pm. And don’t forget, Ready Set LINC will be held at Newnan Centre 1515 Lower Fayetteville Road. 

Battle of the Bands @ Ready Set LINC

This year, Ready Set LINC will host an amazing Battle of the Bands! This special event will run from 6 until 8pm. Musicology will be providing all of the drums and amps for the Battle of the Bands. 

Are you interested in registering for Battle of the Bands? 

Email Musicology at with the subject line “Newnan Centre Battle Of The Bands Registration”.

Make sure to include which instruments you use and how many vocal performers are in your band. 

Registration closes on April 14th, so make sure to register today!

But were you wondering, what are the requirements to participate in the Battle of the Bands?

Your band must perform live–all instruments are live with no backing tracks of any kind.

Your band must consist of 2 or more members–so solo acts are not allowed in this competition.

Your act must consist of either 2 songs or a total of 10 minutes for your complete act.

And finally, your songs and performances must be appropriate for everyone. Ready Set LINC is a family event, so keep that in mind when creating your acts. Your music choices and performances must not include any explicit content.


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