New LINC website

31 May

We can’t wait for you to see our new and improved Friends of the LINC website. We love our Newnan community and take pride in offering a comprehensive and exciting website to share all of our amenities, news, and features of the LINC with you!

Get Involved

Are you looking for ways to support the LINC? Check out our Get Involved page. Here you will find information on how to volunteer with the LINC, so we can keep the LINC looking great. Our trail system connects the Newnan community, and we take pride in keeping the area looking beautiful for our cyclists, hikers, and many more residents and friends who visit us!  

Our Get Involved page also explains how you can make a donation to help make the LINC a bigger and better place, connecting more areas of Newnan as we expand our trail system and add more amenities like art installations and small parks along the path.  

Do you want to sponsor one of our many LINC projects? You can also learn more information about sponsorships from our Get Involved page. We can’t wait to hear from you as we continue to expand the LINC and make it the perfect place for our community.  


Planning a Visit to the LINC?

Are you planning to come to the LINC and experience our wonderful trail system firsthand? Take a look at the Visit LINC section of our new website to learn about all of our amazing amenities, public art, and LINC safety information–as well as maps of the entire trail system, so your trip is exactly what you want. No matter which section of the LINC you are exploring, our website has the perfect map to help you on your trip. Check out our safety page to learn the rules of the LINC to ensure a safe and fun experience.  

Our many amenities include parking lots at our various trailheads, so you can enjoy the trails no matter where you’re coming from. We have lots located at Market Square, Newnan Centre, CJ Smith Park, and the end of our trail will be located at the Newnan Coweta Historical Society.  

We also offer pocket parks along our trail system, so you can always find a fun place to relax along your journey. In addition to smaller pocket parks, the LINC also connects with CJ Smith Park, which is a 12-acre community park which includes a skate park, splash pad, restrooms and playground. 

In addition to pocket parks, our amenities along the way include benches and relaxing sitting areas. Do you have a pet? We also include waste and pet stations along the trail. Are you in the mood for a more adventurous journey? Check out our Mountain Bike Trail!  

Are you looking for quality shopping, dining, and entertainment? Our trail system connects to many great spots throughout Newnan where you can find some of the best shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.  

Are you a fan of art? Check out our Public Art page to learn where you can find all the amazing art installations along the path including murals, statues, and much more. We love art and want to provide quality art to our Newnan community.  

About Us

Our new Friends of the LINC website also features amazing information about our plan for the LINC. Check out the About LINC section to learn about our master plan, read our director’s message, and learn more about our board of directors. 

Our master plan started in 2017 and has been to create a trail system throughout Newnan, creating safe pathways for our community utilizing greenspaces throughout Newnan/Coweta, so everyone can walk, bike, and socialize throughout the community.  

Our final path will be 26 miles of trails throughout Newnan and parts of Coweta County, connecting various areas to ensure safety and connectivity throughout our community. The LINC emulates trail systems like Atlanta’s Beltline and many more linear parks. Parks and trails like this are sought after by homeowners, who want safe ways to travel throughout their towns and utilize the amenities. 

Thank you for your continued support of the LINC and we hope more and more citizens of Newnan, Coweta, and surrounding areas utilize our extensive trail systems, pocket parks, and art installations as we continue to grow.  

Help Support the LINC

Do you love the LINC and want to support our future endeavors to connect and create a wonderful community for recreation and socialization?

Please consider donating to the LINC today.


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