Ready Set LINC 2023 – Success!

28 Apr

Thank you to everyone in our Newnan and surrounding communities for coming out to join us to celebrate the LINC! This year’s Ready Set LINC was the best ever! The City of Newnan did a wonderful job making sure our event ran smoothly. We give our thanks to Mayor Brady and City Manager Cleatus Phillips as well as the Newnan Bike Police and Fire Departments.


We were so glad to see so many people enjoying the LINC at this year’s event. The weather was amazing and we had a huge turnout, which was easily double of the previous year! And we hope to get even more attendees in the future.


And we can’t wait to continue making Ready Set LINC bigger and better with each new year.


We want to give our sincere thanks to the wonderful staff at the Newnan Centre, and we could not have hoped for a better celebration honoring the 10th Anniversary of Newnan Centre.


Ready Set LINC has always been a great celebration of everything that makes the LINC an amazing part of the Newnan community. This year’s event included amazing vendors and food trucks, but we also introduced some new special events to the celebration–which included Battle of the Bands and the Pop-Up Zumba class, which were both amazingly successful.

Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands was a wonderful addition to the Ready, Set, LINC celebration! This event was fun for the whole family and celebrated different styles of music!

We gave out a $500 prize to our Battle of the Bands winner: Buried Within! We can’t wait to have more amazing music in the years to come–and hopefully we can celebrate more local bands!

Pop-Up Zumba Class

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Ready, Set, LINC and joined the pop-up Zumba class courtesy of the YMCA of Newnan!

We had a blast during this amazing Zumba class–and we can’t wait to add more interactive and fun experiences like this to future events!

The Future of Ready Set LINC

After such a successful celebration of the LINC, we hope to add even more to next year’s event, making it better and bigger each year. We hope to continue elevating this amazing event, so we can bring more people to the LINC through exciting events.


We love our Newnan community and can’t wait to see everyone we met at next year’s event continuing to utilize the amazing features of the LINC all year long including our trail system throughout Newnan.


Thank you for coming out to Ready Set LINC to celebrate the LINC and create an even better sense of community throughout Newnan and our surrounding areas. 

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