LINC Upcoming Projects

29 Jun

Upcoming Projects

Everyone at the LINC is so excited to add more exciting projects and spaces to our beloved Newnan community. 

We take pride in connecting our community through our path of trails throughout Newnan, allowing everyone to travel throughout our wonderful city, discovering new areas along the way. 

Bringing art to our community is also of the utmost importance to the LINC. Community art projects are one of the biggest parts of the LINC and we look forward to collaborating with more talented artists in the future. We previously collaborated with sculptor Chris Rothermel on his sculpture installation Concurrent Metamorphosis II, and we can’t wait to add even more art installations along the LINC. 

Which art installation so far on the link is your favorite? We love to hear from all our friends I love, hiking, biking, and meeting up with friends on the LINC. 

We can’t wait to share more information about our exciting new projects as we continue to make the LINC better and better. What would you love to see along the LINC pathways in the future? We love to hear from our friends who love and support the LINC, so we can keep making it even better for our community.

Get The Most Out of the LINC

Do you love shopping and finding new stores and restaurants in your local Newnan community? The LINC pathways are an amazing way to explore Newnan—and maybe even find somewhere you’ve never been.

Our pathways connect you to so many amazing areas throughout Newnan—and there’s something for everyone.

Are you looking to take a nice walk or bike ride to a fun shopping center? 

Well, the LINC has an extremely convenient path that will bring you within steps of Ashley Park—a wonderful shopping and entertainment center with restaurants, shops, a movie theater, and much more.

And don’t worry, Ashley Park also has great public restrooms located just past Dillard’s.

If you are looking for more outdoor fun, the LINC also has pathways leading to amazing parks including CJ Smith Community Park—a 12 acre park with amazing amenities including a playground, splash pad, and skate park.

Help Support the LINC

Do you love the LINC and want to support our future endeavors to connect and create a wonderful community for recreation and socialization?


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