LINC Updates, Art Unveiling, Interview with Scott Chahalis, and Upcoming Events

15 Dec

Interview with Scott Chahalis, LINC Sculpture Donor Concurrent Metamorphosis II

We had the chance to speak with Scott and Tammy Chahalis–the wonderful donors who made the LINC Sculpture project “Concurrent Metamorphosis II” a reality!

When asked about their involvement in the LINC sculpture project, Scott said, “the journey began when we were looking to make a contribution or a donation within the community.”

Both Scott and his wife Tammy saw the LINC and loved what this project would do for the Newnan community. Scott talked about how the LINC is an asset for all the nearby communities. He said, “Everyone can walk or bicycle you know, with easy access and parking. They come from all over Newnan and Coweta County and from Peachtree City and Fayette County too.”

Scott contacted Chris Rothermel about the sculpture project. Scott told us about reaching out to Chris. He said, “wow, this is really, really interesting. And he was a professor at the time, I think, over at SCAD. So I contacted him out of the blue and I said, Wow, I really like your art.”

Scott Chahalis told Chris all about the LINC sculpture project. Chris was extremely interested in the project, which led to many conversations with LINC about the scope and location of the sculpture. Scott said he “stepped away and let the art develop and [gave] the artists space […] to go ahead and do it.”

Scott Chahalis is the president of Blickle USA Division, but through our conversation, Scott clarified the donation was a personal project. He said, “the donation was made personally by my wife Tammy and I. We wanted to give back to the community, but we also here at Blickle Love the company here in the US. It’ a German based company […] and they have a great history of giving back[…] The Blickle family is always giving back.”

Scott shared insight into the journey of bringing the LINC sculpture to life. He said, “this was all pre-COVID when we would have these meetings and of course, from inspiration to reality is a journey and it’s really the artist’s journey. So we had a lot of delays due to COVID”

We asked Scott to share his thoughts on the sculpture. He said, “It’s remarkable […] it’s overwhelming when you walk on LINC and then you start to see […] a series of art pieces forming to me, almost like a snake […] paralleling the path for the LINC. […] it gives me joy to see it.”

Scott shared his thoughts on the importance of art. He said, “the hope has always been for the LINC from my perspective was that this piece by Chris would inspire other individuals within the community, other companies within the community to continue with this journey to transform the LINC into really an outdoor art museum.”

Scott spoke on how the LINC art projects will inspire the community. He said, “we could have something really remarkable here and we could highlight local artists. We can highlight all different types of art. And it’s for everybody who walks on the LINC. […] Art is beauty and it’s also inspiring. And the hope is that in the world, in which we live, it’s just one thing to focus on positively.”

Scott expressed how important the LINC and this community are to him and his wife. He said,
“Tammy and I were delighted to do this. We love our community and we’re all members in this
amazing community. And hopefully we can continue with this progress and this vision for LINC.”

Anticipation 2022 Unveiling

We had a wonderful unveiling of recent University of West Georgia graduate Kelli Cadena’s art installation–Anticipation 2022.

This unveiling was a huge success, and we strive to continue celebrating art within the LINC.

This amazing piece was modeled after historic patterns of the R.D. Cole Manufacturing Company, and you can see it on the LINC–near Newnan Crossings Blvd and Summerlin Blvd.

This sculpture was created using raw materials contributed by Bonnell Aluminum.

We cannot thank our donors enough for helping us bring the work of talented artists into the LINC, so our Newnan community can feel the power of art every day.

Anticipation 2022 was made possible by The Hollis Trust and the City of Newnan. We can’t wait for more members of our Newnan community to see this breathtaking sculpture.

Upcoming Events

Don’t forget about Ready, Set ..Linc!

Do you want to hang out and celebrate the LINC with good music, vendors, and all your LINC friends? Well, Ready, Set…LINC is the perfect event for you! Our Ready, Set…LINC event has been a wild success the past few years, and we cannot wait to see all of you at the next one.

This event is perfect for the whole family, so remember to save the date, so you don’t miss out in 2023.

Make your plans today to join us April 21st for Ready, Set…LINC! We can’t wait to have fun and celebrate the LINC with our Newnan friends once again!


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