LINC Phase 2: Construction is now underway

25 Jul

The City of Newnan has awarded the construction contract for the next section of the LINC multiuse path system to Lewallen Construction. Phase 2 of the LINC will ultimately connect the current terminus of Phase 1 to downtown Newnan. Phase 2 will add 3.4 miles to the current 1.4 miles of trail.

The LINC is a 12-foot-wide paved path, a venue for walking, running, bicycling and other non-motorized use.

The construction contract is for a portion of Phase 2, referred to as Section D. Section D will connect the current terminus of LINC Phase 1, Newnan Crossing Blvd. at Summerlin Road, to McIntosh Parkway at Ashley Park Drive. This includes the bridge over Interstate 85.

“This is a pivotal addition to the LINC,” states Kim Learnard, Director of Friends of LINC, Inc. “The bridge over I85 will connect east and west hemispheres, and lend visibility and excitement to the entire project.”

Construction started earlier this month at the east end of Section D, along McIntosh Pkwy.

According to Jonathan Cash, Project Manager for Lewallen, the bridge will be installed as one of the last stages of section D. It is scheduled to be placed in August. “These trail systems are about bringing communities together and after everything settles down, they will be essential in helping those communities reconnect.” he observes.

Section D construction is anticipated to be completed in the fall.



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